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We have provided the forms and informational documents below to help you obtain required information from patients for billing and collections purposes. This helps ensure more efficient, faster processing of your claims.

Patient Registration Form

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Use this form to obtain required billing information from your patients. The form should be completed in its entirety as the data is mandatory for timely claim payment. Be sure to include Name, Address, Phone #, Patient and Subscriber Date of Birth and Social Security Number, Insurance Information (including both the patient and subscriber ID #'s), and the mental health phone number located on the back of the insurance card.

Day Sheet

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Use this form to document your daily patient visits. The form should be filled out completely for the entire week, paying particular attention to Patient Name, Date of Service and Procedure Code. Send in the form with your Patient Registrations and EOB's at the end of every week.

Below are some helpful websites for practitioners in the mental health, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology fields:

New England

www.nepsy.com (New England Psychologist)
www.asha.org (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association)
www.aota.org (American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.)
www.cms.gov (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)


www.psychiatry-mps.org (Massachusetts Psychiatric Society)
www.naswma.org (National Association of Social Workers MA)
www.mshahearsay.org (Massachusetts Speech-Language-Hearing Association)
www.maot.org (Massachusetts Association for Occupational Therapy, Inc.)

New Hampshire

www.nhpsych.org (New Hampshire Psychiatric Society)
www.nhnasw.org (National Association of Social Workers NH)
www.nhslha.org (New Hampshire Speech-Language-Hearing Association)
www.nhota.org (New Hampshire Occupational Therapy Association)


www.vtmd.org/VPA/vpamainpage.html (Vermont Psychiatric Association)
www.naswvt.org (National Association of Social Workers VT)
www.vsha.us (Vermont Speech-Language-Hearing Association)


www.naswmaine.org (National Association of Social Workers ME)
www.mslha.org (Maine Speech-Language-Hearing Association)
www.meota.org (Maine Occupational Therapy Association)


www.ctpsych.org (Connecticut Psychiatric Society)
www.naswct.org (National Association of Social Workers CT)
www.ctspeechhearing.org (Connecticut Speech-Language-Hearing Association)
www.connota.org (Connecticut Occupational Therapy Association)

Rhode Island

www.psychri.org (Rhode Island Psychiatric Society)
www.rinasw.info (National Association of Social Workers RI)
www.risha.info (Rhode Island Speech-Language-Hearing Association)
www.riota.org (Rhode Island Occupational Therapy Association)

Know about a great resource that isn’t listed here? Email us the link.